10 must-haves for your hospital bag

10 must-haves for your hospital bag

It’s almost time, you’re getting closer to the big day and it’s as exciting as it is nerve-wracking. It’s crucial at this point to maintain your sanity and do everything in your power to feel more prepared as D-day comes closer. 

You will be in the hospital for about 3-5 days based on the delivery. Having a packed hospital bag with all the essentials will help in making you feel more in control & ready when the moment arrives. 

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Experts suggest your hospital bag should be ready by the time you are 34 weeks pregnant. Read on for a mom-approved checklist of 10 things your hospital bag should have, to ensure maximum comfort.

  1. Important documents - everything from medical records, insurance documents, id cards, and a birth plan (if you have one)
  2. Comfortable clothing - A few extra pieces of comfortable clothing for you & your hubby to feel at ease while you are at the hospital. Dressing gowns, socks, easy-to-wear pyjamas, old underwear are some of the top-ranked items.
  3. Phone charger - A necessity that may be easily forgotten. You don’t want to miss any of the “firsts” of your baby because your phone ran out of power.
  4. Snacks & drinks - A no-brainer (if permitted by the hospital). We will always need a few feel-good snacks. Lollipops are especially great for conquering dry mouth during labor, so consider adding them to your hospital bag list.
  5. Toiletries - Looking and feeling good has an effect on our mood. A divine-smelling body wash, perfume, and shampoo will help make you feel happy and clean. Don’t forget a lip balm, moisturizer, and some moms tell us a nipple cream is essential too to combat any soreness.
  6. Nursing supplies - Breastfeeding can be troublesome for some mothers initially thus it’s best to be prepared to make the experience a little easier. Supplies such as a nursing pillow, breast pads, and a nursing bra can help in the process.
  7. Money - It’s always a good idea to keep a little cash handy. Keep some change to buy things at the hospital for your little cravings.
  8. Sanitary pads- Although most hospitals provide sanitary pads, it’s a good idea to bring something you feel most comfortable in. Just ensure to get ones that are highly absorbent and made for heavy flow.
  9. Entertainment- You will not be allowed to be with your baby the entire time. It is really calming to have something that keeps you company in these lone hours from your favourite books, and magazines to some soothing music or even downloaded shows.
  10. Going home outfit for you and the baby - It’s best to pack your favourite and most comfortable maternity dress. Also, pack a comfortable homecoming outfit for adorable pictures of the baby.
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The hospital bag may seem like a fairly small thing in the face of everything else but  taking small steps towards preparation for the baby can empower you to have a comfortable labor, delivery, and recovery.

It is a joy to experience this fascinating miracle of what your body can do and we wish you all the luck, joy and happy parenthood.