About Us

Our Story

Makemake Organics is a conscious and sustainable brand that produces high quality products using softest fabrics. Our beautiful organic cotton products are designed in Florida and ethically made in India. All our products are GOTS certified organic and fair trade; they impact hundreds of livelihoods, most of whom are women. Organic cotton products mean higher quality products that are softer, breathable and much kinder to the skin and causes fewer allergies as it is chemical free. It is also better for the environment and the people who make them.

We are committed to providing safe, natural products and are grateful to all our customers who share our values and look to get the best for their baby & the world.

Thank you,
Dee & Rohan
Co-founders and parents

Our Ethos


Purest Materials. As a parent founded and operated company, there’s nothing more important to us than protecting our children. That’s why our products have none of the toxic pesticides, or harmful dyes found in conventional products — just pure natural organic cotton from earth-friendly organic farms. We design our products exclusively in our studio in Florida and get them manufactured from top ranked GOTS Certified factories.

Minimalist Modern Designs. Our inspiration is to make beautiful sustainable products suitable for every baby and kid in the house and for everyday life, aimed at stimulating kids development & providing you with natural comfort without compromise. We love to create original and unique designs, using high quality materials, resulting in long lasting products which you can also trust for generations to come.


Follow Through on Our Promise of Purity. We carefully follow and manage each stage of the production, respecting a sustainable, eco-friendly process. Our fabrics are woven, dyed and printed in India, exclusively for Makemake Organics. Working hand in hand with our trusted suppliers enables us to offer you purest, natural products whilst respecting at the same time our planet for the next generations.

Follow Through on Our Promise of Quality. Our products are all made from highest quality raw materials and we follow strict quality standards. All our factories are vertically integrated which gives us an opportunity to control and define our own unique specification for each product category making our products exclusive and one of a kind.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a some of the questions we get from a lot of parents. If you don’t see yours here, please, write to us.

What does Organic mean?

Organic cotton is farmed naturally, avoiding harmful pesticides and other chemicals. which means there’s no chemical residue in the fabric. Additionally, the fabrics have never been processed with fire-retardants or formaldehydes. The dyes used on all print designs are AZO free, Non Toxic, water-based and environmentally friendly. And finally, all buttons, zippers and snaps are lead free.
Hence, all the products on our website are 100% organic. This is extremely important to us since babies spend most of their time in our products - sleeping, playing or just snuggling.

Why choose Organic?

Unlike the nutrition facts on the back of our favorite foods, fabrics don't come with a conveniently itemized list of ingredients. There are thousands of unregulated chemicals conventional products; many known to be carcinogens or hormone disruptors. Up to 8,000 chemicals can be used in the production and processing of textiles - for dyeing, treating, printing and finishing.
Natural materials like organic cotton allow the body to breathe, detox and regulate body temperature properly. By choosing Makemake Organics organic products you go a long way to reducing your family's everyday exposure to harmful chemicals and snuggly comfort for your baby's soft and sensitive skin.

How do i Know if my purchase is genuinely organic?

It can be confusing to choose organic cotton because of the difficulty of ‘decrypting’ the labels. Clothing and Textile made with organically grown fibers such as organic cotton must be used in a GOTS certified products. While an important step in right direction the use of organic fibers alone is not enough to make that item truly safe.
A public database on GOTS website lists all certified operators. Don't rely on self claims always look for both the GOTS logo and the license number correlating to the brand.

Is Makemake Organics licensed by GOTS?

Makemake Organics is a GOTS certified by IDFL 010673. We ensure that our products go through rigorous testing through out the whole supply chain and are free of harmful chemicals during farming, weaving, manufacturing, transportation and storage.
Our clothes are made with the highest quality and safest materials. It’s just how we do things! We know that parenting can sometimes be overwhelming and a little peace of mind through credible assurances can go a long way in making you and your baby whole lot safer and comfortable.

How did you get started with Makemake Organics?

Makemake Organics was born out of our own need for organic products, when our baby girl was born. Most brands were self proclaimed organic and everything else was loaded with synthetics, heavily processed and just not what we wanted for our baby. With our heritage is rooted in textiles, we started on a quest to craft products with the softest, most trustworthy fabrics available for our home.
We found that like us, many other parents wanted their children to grow up in a carefree, non toxic, safer world and thus we began crafting products from sustainable sources to ensure that only natural materials touch your baby’s delicate skin and stays safe forever.