5 things parents swear by at Makemake Organics

5 things parents swear by at Makemake Organics

As parents, we are well aware that shopping for your toddler isn’t as cute as it may appear. There are many factors one must consider. While we love to dress our children in adorable, trendy clothes, it is important to acknowledge comfort is key.

We spoke to a lot of parents to understand the 5 things that they swear by at Make Make organics (MMO). Like some of the parents said “If you have a toddler, these are a must”.

To ensure your child is happy & comfortable, these are the key points to keep in mind:

  1. Fabric - Children have very sensitive skin. To avoid any irritants, it is important for them to be in clothes that are breathable and comfortable. Organic cotton is made with zero chemicals and pesticides. As it’s derived from nature, it ensures it's gentle on your baby’s skin. The 2-way zip rompers in 100% organic cotton are a favourite amongst parents. Made from buttery-soft organic fabric, this super comfortable yet practical romper ensures  babies' tummies aren't exposed, and nothing is pulled over their delicate head. Check them out here.
  2. Safety- Often overlooked, safety is a major concern in baby products. Babies by nature are curious and any decoration, or material that’s not firmly attached could be a health hazard. We suggest opting for subtle playful prints in organic cotton instead.  The Playmats at MMO are a delight and trusted by parents for keeping their children engaged and safe. Perfect for tummy time and play time, find them here.
  3. Size & fit - Clothes that fit the baby right are important for both comfort and ease of movement. The Swaddle blankets are a favourite at MMO for the same reason. They come in beautiful prints, and will be your toddler's comfort zone in no time. Made in stretchable organic cotton, these blankets are luxurious, breathable and have a wonderful drape. They also come with matching hats. Get your hands on these adorable blankets here.
  4. Style & functionality - The perfect combination of style, sustainability & functionality is what makes a happy baby. The kimono knotted gowns at MMO are a perfect example of the same. Inspired by the traditional Japanese Kimono, this wrap-around style means - nothing is pulled over the baby's head and it keeps the baby snug and cozy. This sleep sack has a knot at the bottom that makes diaper duty a breeze too! Check them out here.
  5. Comfort - There is a saying “when our children are up & about, we can never fully rest”.  Children sleep for long hours and spend a lot of time in their cribs. What’s more important than to ensure they have the softest crib sheets for the sweetest sleep? One of our bestseller products is the crib sheets at MMO. Woven from the purest cotton, derived from nature without any harmful chemicals, these sheets come in a variety of soothing playful prints for your baby to drift into the happiest dreams. Check them out here.

The happiness of a child depends on very simple things - a little bit of attention and a whole lot of comfort. While shopping for your toddler isn’t a walk in the park, we sincerely hope this helps you in picking the perfect products for your little one. At Make Make Organics all our products are made with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. You can find them here.