Get ready for fall! These are our favorite products this season

What to look for when buying organic cotton products for your baby.

The just-right weather where its neither too hot nor too cold, when comfy sweaters take center stage and the comforting smell of baking & hot coffee is everywhere. 

From fall-ready pictures to holiday postcards, as parents, there is a whole load of cuteness that comes with Fall and we are so ready for it.

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

This is how we are getting ready for fall. Read on for our favorite fall products to keep your baby on top of their cozy game this season.

  • A cozy sleeping area- As the weather changes, you will notice so does your baby’s sleep cycle. Not only do they tend to sleep earlier but also sleep longer. Yay! To ensure a happy sleep cycle, create a cozy sleeping area for your little one using organic cotton sheets coupled with chunky blankets.
    Find our entire range of organic cotton bedding here to create a sleeping area cozy enough to drift them off to dream as soon as they put their heads down.
  • Long sleeved onesies - A must have to keep your baby warm and toasty, we swear by long sleeved onesies. Especially when they are constructed keeping the little ones in mind.
    At Make Make Organics, our onesies are made with buttery soft, organic cotton in a kimono style so nothing is pulled over their delicate head, also making diaper changes a breeze. Check them out here.
  • Hats or beanies - Hats & beanies definitely keeps the baby more comfortable. To ensure the hat doesn’t keep falling off, we suggest top knot hats that snugly fit the bay’s head or bonnet hats that ties at the neck. In organic soft cotton, check out our favorite hats in the cutest prints here.
  • Swaddle blankets- Here to provide the ultimate comfort, swaddle blankets are one of the top items on parents’ baby registries. We swear by the lightweight cotton knit blankets at Make Make Organics in buttery soft organic cotton with a little stretch for the perfect drape. The best part? They come with matching hats! Hello adorable photos. Find them here.
  • Stroller cover - Easy protection from anything falling from the sky be it snow or leaves, a stroller cover gives the perfect protection outdoors. A good buy to keep your baby safe from wind and freezing temperatures.
  • Booties - We love little booties not only for being so adorable but for making sure the baby stays warm and dry wherever they, whatever they do. At MMO we have the sweetest booties that are soft and breathable, making them the perfect shoe for an infant's delicate feet. Find them here.
  • Sleep gowns - The season calls to get your little one ready for a chilly winter night with appropriate gear. Our favorite for the baby to sleep warm and happy are sleep gowns. They fit snugly being so thoughtful and comfortable.
    Check out our kimono sleep gowns made from buttery soft breathable organic cotton here. They come with a knot at the bottom that makes those groggy 3 am diaper changes so much more efficient.

    The smells, sights, and sensations of fall give us all sorts of scientifically-backed, feel-good emotions. To make this season equally enjoyable for your baby, it’s time to equip yourself. We wish you a happy, cozy, shiver-free Fall!