Preparing to bring your baby home - where should you begin?

Preparing to bring your baby home - where should you begin?

The first day at home with your newborn is a unique feeling for every parent. From immense love and joy to concerns over how to manage it all, there is always a flood of emotions. Whether it’s exactly how you imagined it or nothing is going according to plan, there is no need to worry.

The truth is no matter how many conflicting emotions you feel, you can never know what the day will bring until the special day arrives. All we can do is prepare ourselves beforehand to feel confident and open for what the day will bring.

We asked a few parents about everything they had (or wished they had) at hand before their baby’s big arrival home and here’s what we found.

Read on for the key items required for an easy, smooth first day with your baby.

1. Car seat - This is crucial and one of the first things done. It is not only required by law but also utmost for the baby’s safety. There are many options to choose from so you can get one that fits your lifestyle & budget.

2. Baby clothing - A newborn requires frequent changes, and we must be prepared. From sleeping gowns to onesies, here are a few things you should keep handy to avoid feeling overwhelmed at the time. 

Investing in organic cotton clothing will ensure you welcome your baby with nature’s touch keeping their comfort and wellbeing on top.

3. Blankets - Blankets are a necessity to keep your baby snuggly soft. After all, a well-slept baby is a happy baby. Our organic cotton comforters come in the sweetest prints and ensure your baby is dreaming in no time. Check them out here.

4. Bassinet sheets - A bassinet/ crib ensures your baby has a safe place to sleep while still being close to you. At Make Make Organics our fitted sheets are made in 100% organic cotton sateen so your baby snuggles up happily. In adorable prints and chemical-free dyes, you can check them out here.

5. Diapers & supplies - Several other supplies such as diapers, wipes, rash creams, bathing essentials such as hooded towels and baby care products to keep your baby clean and comfortable should be kept ready before the little one comes home.

6. A “care” basket for you and the baby - It’s difficult to get uninterrupted sleep at this stage but we can always make this experience a little better. Having essentials within an arm’s reach can be a blessing when you are groggy and annoyed. From diapers to wipes for your little one and tasty snacks to earphones to soothe your mind, no detail is too small for the “care” basket.

Bringing your baby home is such an exciting time and though overwhelming you will soon realize you only need a few essentials, in the beginning, to keep your little one happy and comfortable. 

With a good checklist of everything you need and a whole lot of love, be ready to make some fond memories. We wish you all the luck and love.