Warm like hot cocoa - your baby's winter guide is here

Warm like hot cocoa - your baby's winter guide is here

The town is painted white with snow and there are sparkling lights everywhere. There is a lingering smell of hot cocoa and coffee in the air. As the days get short and the nights get cozy, we are here to help you get a perfect wardrobe for your baby.

No matter where you live, there needs to be special attention paid to children’s winter wear. It’s important to ensure the baby is comfortable and not cold or overheated to be able to enjoy the beautiful snowy months of winter.

For parents, winter can be a stressful time as babies can’t communicate when they are cold or not. There are various signs to look out for and general dressing tips to ensure it becomes an enjoyable time for both of you.

How to know if the baby is cold:

1. Its tummy is cool to touch

2. Nose/ fingertips are much paler

3. If you notice the lips/mouth area turning a little blue

If you notice any of the above, know that it’s time to go to warmer areas immediately. A general dressing tip most parents swear by is a one-layer rule. The rule states that your baby will be comfortable wearing what you are wearing plus one more layer. So if you are feeling warm and comfortable in 2 layers, your baby will need 3. As tempted as you may be to layer them up, this ensures you are not warming up the baby more than required.

Today there are unlimited options visible through gorgeous store windows decked up with the most fabulous coats and hats for babies. But what does a baby really need? 

Read along for a quick winter guide to keep your little bundle of joy looking in vogue and warm like hot cocoa.

  1. Layer up - In winter, layering is the way to go so you can add /remove them as the temperature changes. The 3 basic layers are- the base layer, middle layer, and outer layer. The base layer is next to the baby’s skin and should be snug-fitting. The middle layer should be in a thicker material such as wool while the outer layer is to protect the child from snow, wind, or air.
  2. Kimono onesies- Inspired by the traditional Japanese kimono, the kimono onesies at Make Make Organics are a lifesaver. They come with a unique wrap around design so that nothing is pulled over the baby’s delicate head. Perfect for when the baby is indoors and to layer over. Find them here.
  3. Swaddle blankets - One thing you need in your baby’s winter wardrobe is a perfect swaddle blanket. A thin blanket wrapped snuggly around your baby's body can resemble the womb and help soothe your newborn and promote sleep. At MMO ours come in buttery soft organic cotton with slight stretch. Perfect to be used for playtime, stroller covers and to add that right amount of warmth.
  4. Have accessories at hand- Always have accessories from mittens to booties and hats for your little one (bonus points for matching). Winter accessories keep the baby toasty and happy especially outdoors. Ensure to remove hats indoors as babies release maximum heat from their heads and having a hat may cause overheating. 
  5. Footies & Pj’s- You might actually want a lot more than one of these. Footies & Pj’s are the number one item on mom’s baby registries for all the right reasons. They are comfortable, allow easy movement, all while keeping the baby perfectly warm. Available in the cutest prints, the rompers at MMO are made with a double zipper and include convertible footies & mittens! The perfect invention, find them here.
  6. Sleeping gowns - A must-have for new-borns, sleeping gowns are great to keep your baby snug and comfortable. They also come with matching hats! So cute. At MMO we make them in buttery soft cotton, bottom knots & folded mittens.
  7. Warm one-piece outer layer - The perfect final layer to protect your baby from wind and snow. From fleece or thermal pieces to waterproof snowsuits. Your baby’s wardrobe needs at least one of these.
  8. Have hot cocoa in the pantry - One for you! After you’ve ensured your baby is all toasty and warm, don’t forget to treat yourself to a mug of hot cocoa. You deserve it! :D

The crisp winter air is only sweet if you are prepared. For the entire range of adorable winter essentials for your baby. Click here. Wishing you warmth and cuddles this season.