What to look for when buying organic cotton products for your baby.

What to look for when buying organic cotton products for your baby.

Congratulations on taking the first step towards leaving a better world for your little ones. Whether you’ve chosen to buy organic products due to the environmental impact or the many benefits it has on your child’s well-being, you are on the right path.

The term "organic cotton" describes cotton that is grown without the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers from non-GMO seeds. It employs practices that support healthy soil, boost biodiversity, and minimize water consumption. Thus, it is better for the land, the farmers, their communities, your baby’s health and the world at large.

Organic cotton products have gained a lot of popularity in recent times for all the right reasons. Apart from promoting a healthy ecosystem, it has many benefits for your child’s health. We spoke about this in detail in another post. To know more, please read it here. 

Today let’s talk about ways to identify if the products you are buying are actually organic. As parents, we know the struggle of how confusing buying organic products for your baby can be. Hours of research, mind-bending stats, and then those marketing gimmicks, we’ve been there too. 

So here’s an easy 3-point check system to ensure the products your baby interacts with are free from any toxins.

  1. GOTS certification - The easiest way to ensure that the clothing you are purchasing is truly organic is to look for the GOTS certification. The Global Organic Textile Standard is the world’s highest certification in organic fibres. Thanks to this little green and white circular logo we can finally put our worries at ease. The GOTS label ensures that the clothing can be trusted and that there is no use of harmful additives in the fabrics through the entire process. Want to learn more? Click here.
  2. Pricing - It is important to note that the pricing for organic products is slightly higher due to the high standards of processes it undergoes. If the price point of the products you are buying seems “too good to be true”, it probably is. When purchasing organic products, it's crucial to check the brand, the products' certification, and customer feedback.
  3. Trust- Trust plays an important factor while making a purchase. We want to ensure that the products we buy makes us feel happy, healthy and satisfied. The easiest way to do that is first, by checking if the brand has a GOTS certification. If you still yearn to know more, put your geek glasses on for some additional research. Read through reviews, check the website, social media or even ask friends and family.

The need for authentic organic products is real. It is time we identify ways to cut through all the noise so we can support brands and products that are doing everything in their power for a better tomorrow.

At Make Make Organics, our products are a unique blend of style, sustainability and comfort. You can check them out here. We prioritise your baby’s health & wellbeing, our products contain no harmful dyes, and they are GOTS certified.

The world we will leave to them tomorrow depends on what we do today.

“When you have children or grandchildren it seems kind of waste if they cannot play on the lawn because there is fertilizer all over it.”