Why do my new organic cotton items smell weird?

Why do my new organic cotton items smell weird?

If you've ever wondered why your new organic cotton items smell weird, you're not alone. Many people have noticed this strange smell when they first start using organic cotton products. 

Fret not, it’s normal and there are a few explanations for why this happens. 

One reason why your organic cotton items might smell weird is because of the way they are produced.  Organic cotton is grown without the use of any chemicals, unlike conventional cotton. Organic cotton means that the cotton is unprocessed and unwashed, with no bleaches, no dyes, no chemicals or toxins.  It's completely raw and natural. 

What you smell is cottonseed oil in the fabric, not mildew or mold. When cotton is collected, certain cotton seeds break, releasing the aroma of cottonseed oil in the fabric. The natural smell of cotton oil and resins may be stronger and different from what you are accustomed to.

The smell also depends on how recently the fabric was woven. A lot of times, it vanishes long before the consumer sees the product, but occasionally, the smell may be stronger. This is a normal characteristic of organic cotton and has no effect on its durability. 

Our aim is to be as transparent about our processes as possible and thus we make no attempt to mask this smell. It is our commitment to cut chemical processes in our production from farming to the final product. 

Most commercial softeners are created from synthetic chemicals which can have adverse effects on our skin and health. Thus, we ensure to not use any commercial softeners or synthetic chemicals to make the products smell “nice”.

Certified Organic Cotton 

Instead of  health-impacting products, we at Make Make Organics suggest a few simple ways you can remove the smell of your organic clothing.

1. A simple and effective formula is airing out your newly purchased products. Hanging clothing and other products in open air for a couple of hours allows them to “air out” and may naturally get rid of any smell.

2. We recommend that you wash the products at a low setting using a gentle eco-friendly detergent before use. It results in an improved hand feel making it more comfortable to wear.

3. Instead of tumble drying, opt for drying your products in the open to save energy and provide air circulation. Line drying helps in removing any remaining odors. Although, do remember not to dry your products under harsh sunlight as it can cause dyes to fade.

These easy and effective steps are great for removing any odor & loosening up the fabric. It also helps it relax, and makes it softer, thus more comfortable to use.  

If the coconut tree is the “tree of life,” then cotton is the “fabric of life.” From the bedroom to the kitchen, the uses and benefits of organic cotton are many. By buying GOTS-certified cotton products, you not only create a beautiful & comfortable world for yourself and your child but also for the environment and society at large.