Why organic products are better for your baby and the world.

Why organic products are better for your baby and the world.

“There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings.” 

The joy and responsibilities come hand in hand in this beautiful thing called parenthood. It is not unusual to feel overwhelmed by the number of decisions you have to make every single day. As new parents we are always thinking of what’s the best for our children and are often confused by all the noise.

The growing years of the baby require great precaution and care. Every little thing the child comes in contact with has an effect on their well being. Thus, we are looking for ways that will help our children to be happy, healthy and safe. One such phenomenon that has risen in popularity in recent times, is the love for organic products.

The term organic is everywhere these days but are organic products really better for our babies and the world that they will inherit? We believe so, yes and so will you once you hear all the benefits it serves for you, your baby and the world at large.

There are numerous reasons why the world is turning organic, one onesie at a time. Here are top 4 reasons why we believe choosing organic products is the way to go for your little one.


  1. For the baby’s health- A baby's skin is highly sensitive and absorbent while it is still developing. Children's skin absorbs more of everything it comes into contact with, including harsh chemicals from clothing. Certified organic cotton products are made with no harsh chemicals ensuring a happy baby.
  2. Softer and safer products that last longer- Cotton is a natural fiber with soft, natural and breathable qualities. When it is grown without any toxins it creates softer, safer products for your baby. It’s like nature’s protection to the baby’s development. They are also durable, sturdy and last longer.
  3. Hypoallergenic in nature - Children can suffer from several allergies & irritants. Organic products are hypoallergenic and they ensure your child’s wellbeing and comfort is right on top.
  4. Protects the environment & the people- It cares about the future that our children will inherit. GOTS certified cotton respects the Earth and its people. It ensures that every resource (water, air and soil) is used mindfully without any harsh chemicals. It also ensures every person involved is treated with fairness and respect.

The easiest way to recognise that the products you are buying for your children are organic is to look out for a certification. A GOTS certification is the strictest in the world which ensures a high quality ethically made product reaches you.  If you wish to learn more about the same, please click here.

The future of our children can only be secured if we all work together to understand the impact our choices have. We at Make Make Organics, ensure that everything your baby uses in their daily life was made keeping both, the benefits to the baby and the environment in mind.