5 simple steps to care for organic cotton products

5 simple steps to care for organic cotton products

Congratulations on this beautiful journey of experiencing the joy and comfort of organic products for your little ones. As parents, you’ve researched for hours to find the perfect products for your children, free from any toxins or chemicals. 

If you’re new to this world, a GOTS certification ensures that you are buying the highest-quality product which is produced in the most ethical manner possible. It means reduced pollution, no chemicals and improved health for the soil, nature and the people. 

The happiness of using organic cotton is unmatched. The products have not been treated with harsh and weakening chemicals, thus they can last for many years, with proper care. 

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

It might surprise you but caring for your organic cotton products is easier than you can imagine. Read along for 5 simple steps to ensure a long, healthy life for your products:

  1. Machine or Hand wash - Organic baby products do not need to be hand-washed, *phew* in fact all our (organic cotton) products at Make Make Organics are machine washable. It’s good to remember that washing your clothes less and at a low temperature or cold will make them stay longer.
  2. Use a mild detergent- When you buy organic products for your little ones you want them to stay organic. Washing them in regular detergent which can be full of harsh chemicals and toxins, does the opposite. Use a gentle eco-friendly detergent. Avoid any conventional softeners/bleach to avoid chemicals and to prevent weakening the natural strength of the fibre.
  3. Don’t mix - Just typical laundry things, do not mix dark and light colors. It’s always a good idea to wash similar colors together. Wash products inside out to protect the color/ any embroidery.
  4. Low heat always - Organic cotton is more sensitive to heat and more likely to shrink and get damaged as a result of being washed or dried at higher temperatures. To ensure they stay fresh and in shape for long, we should always wash and iron at low heat.
    It's also a good idea to hang dry them instead of tumble dry. This prevents the products from the excessive heat and is energy saving too, making it a more sustainable practice.
  5. Do not dry clean- As tempted as you may be to dry clean products to treat them better. We recommend a no dry clean policy for 3 reasons- the high heat, the chemical solvents and of course the expense. Dry cleaning weakens the strength of the products, use chemicals and also fades the cotton from its natural color. To treat stains, wash them immediately with cold water.

As parents we know to be on this journey is a remarkable one. Caring for our products and teaching our children the same is a conscious decision with beautiful earth-friendly consequences. 

Simple basic maintenance can cause your products to last long, prevent over consumption and reduce our contribution to fashion’s carbon footprint.

Easy to care for, feels like butter, good for the world, what’s not to love? Organic looks good on you! :)