Encouraging your child's creative expression

Encouraging your child's creative expression

Albert Einstein once said “Creativity is intelligence having fun” and we couldn’t agree more.

It is a wide misconception that creativity is inborn in children. Either they have it or they don’t. But in fact creativity is more skill than talent. As parents, you may have observed how uniquely your child perceives their world. Their sense of curiosity, string of questions and innovative ideas often take you by surprise. This spark if not given the right direction & encouragement may diminish as they move towards adulthood.

When a child has the freedom and encouragement to be creative it opens up a whole new world of self expression for them. Creativity helps children become more confident, develop social skills and promotes their problem solving skills.

As a parent, it can be difficult to know exactly how to nurture your child’s creative expression. The good news is that you can help your child develop their creativity in many ways. Here are 5 ways that can help children creatively express themselves.

  1. Encourage their interests rather than your own. One of the best ways to encourage your child’s creative expression is to provide them the time and space to explore what they love. Instead of forcing piano lessons and art classes onto them, take active interest in what they show interest in.
  2. Develop problem solving skills. Another way to nurture your child’s creativity is to get them involved in activities that involve creative problem solving. Activities like puzzles, board games, and creative writing are all great options. These activities can help your child learn to think outside of the box and come up with new solutions to difficult situations.
  3. Trigger their curiosity. Be their biggest fan. Encouraging your child to take risks by being supportive can lead to immense growth. Many times, our children are too afraid to try something new or take a risk. Letting your child explore the unknown can open up their creativity and give them the confidence to express themselves.
  4. Provide opportunities for creative expression. Giving children art & craft supplies gives them the opportunity to explore different mediums and techniques. But even without supplies encourage children to see colors, shapes, patterns in nature & around you. This helps them to see beauty in everyday things. You may be surprised by the results.
  5. Allow time for free play. Unstructured play time allows kids to explore their environment without any goals. Introducing Play Mats in formative years can encourage children to become independent in a safe space. Perfect for tummy time and playtime, they aid in baby’s early development. At Makemake Organics we use buttery soft organic cotton so they are gentle on the baby’s skin and the environment. In gender neutral and happy prints, you can find our Play Mats here.

As they grow up, playing dress up and being silly or putting on their favorite music and dancing all show to the child that expressing yourself is fun.

Just like physical play helps in muscle development and coordination, creative play is vital to the child’s intellectual development. The goal is to let our children find joy in growing up, think independently, and know that you are there for them through it all.