The perfect care basket for a new mom

The perfect care basket for a new mom

Nothing says we love you like a little care basket for the new mama. As parents, there’s so much to think about—from preparing for the baby’s arrival to adjusting to life with a newborn. A baby may be the biggest gift but the side effects of the process can leave the new mother tired, overwhelmed, and in need of some serious pampering.

It’s important to take the time to show her that she needs care too during this special time.

Here are some ideas on how to create the perfect care basket for a new mom:

  1. Practical necessities- The most important items are the ones that are practical and necessary. New parents have too much to do with very little time. They may not have the mind space or the time to go out and buy things. The care basket can contain basics such as ice packs, diaper rash cream, nipple cream, nursing pads, and some comfortable delicates for a happy postpartum period for the new mama. Don’t forget to ensure that everything you add to the package is made of natural ingredients and is super safe for the newborn.
  2. Practical luxury- Add items that make the experience of being a new mom easier and more enjoyable. A good book to read while nursing, soothing music to listen to while rocking the baby, or a bunch of healthy snacks when you are up and about at odd hours can sometimes be all the care you need.
  3. Deep indulgence- Nothing helps us feel more relaxed than simple self-care rituals. It’s great to include indulgences to make her feel special. A few ideas include a luxurious bath soak, a relaxing eye mask, or a cozy pair of slippers & bathrobe set. Whenever she can manage those few minutes for herself, these indulges will be extremely rejuvenating. These are also items that may not cross her mind to buy for herself amidst all the other decisions and baby shopping.
  4. Things that make mother duty a breeze- Mother duties are anything but a breeze but some products can definitely help ease the burden. Our favourite is the 100% organic cotton kimono knotted gowns for the newborn from Make Make organics. They are made in luxurious, breathable cotton in the sweetest prints that are so delicate for the baby and make diaper changes so easy. A must-have for a new baby and mama. Find them here.
  5. Unique subscription gifts- Often overlooked, subscription gifts can be such a blessing. Some of our favourites are food delivery gift cards, babysitter services, or even a subscription to audiobooks. Subscriptions are an ultimate new mom necessity. By gifting her one of these, you will be treating her to some much-deserved ‘me’ time.

Finally, top it off with a few special treats. No care basket is complete without some sweet indulgences. Whether it's her favourite box of chocolates, biscuits, a scented candle, or a bottle of wine. These special treats will make her thankful for you in her life when she is unwinding after a long day.

The ultimate love language for a new mom is giving her some time for herself. If you have a new mama in your life, it may be difficult to be physically present with them all the time. Especially when you are from different cities and the new parents are so pressed for time. Instead of one big thing, we suggest putting together some of her favourite indulgences together in a thoughtfully curated care package.

“One of the most important things you can do for a new mom is to tell her that she’s doing a great job caring for her little one and remind her that she should do the same for herself.”