Tips for making your baby's clothes last longer

Tips for making your baby's clothes last longer

Every time we see those little booties and adorable dresses hanging on store shelves our hearts get so gushed. As parents, we love the cuteness that comes with all the baby things but it can be hard to keep up with a baby’s growing wardrobe. From adorable onesies and sleepers to tiny jeans and tees, it seems like babies outgrow everything before you know it.

Plus, without adequate care and good quality products, they can lose shape and become tired-looking very soon.

With little time & attention to detail it’s possible to make your baby’s clothes last longer. Read along for our top 8 tips:

  1. Buy high-quality products. When shopping for your baby’s clothes, it’s important to look for quality materials that will stand up to frequent washing and wear. Clothes made of natural fibers like organic cotton are more durable than synthetic fabrics and also happier for your baby’s gentle skin.
  2. Shop wisely. Little things like adjustable bands on the waist, stretchable swaddle blankets, and foldable mittens can all increase the wearability of your baby’s clothes. A simple tip that no one tells you - babies hate having things pulled over their heads so investing in quality inventive pieces like kimono onesies and zipped rompers is simple & functional. Thank us when you’re up at 3 am for those diaper changes. Find some here.
  3. Wash less - Less is more when it comes to washing. We know children get dirty playing and being outdoors. As tempted as we are to throw their clothes in the wash immediately, it’s advised to wait a few wears before you do that. Less washing leads to better wear and tear of the clothes. It’s best to spot clean if you see any stains or hang the clothes in the sun for an hour or so for a little anti-bacterial nature thing :)
  4. Become a seamstress- Just kidding! No, we are not taking you back to medieval times, and we know too many of us might find the thought intimidating. All we suggest is a little mending. Not only is it better for the environment but also for your pocket. Stitches, patchwork, and button snaps are all little mends that will save time, money, and our baby's wardrobes in the end. After all, “A stitch in time saves nine”.
  5. Clothes rotation - Most children end up wearing their same 3-4 favorite clothes which go through all the wear and tear. The other clothes in their wardrobe are as good as new. It’s a good practice to physically rotate clothes to be front and center. As outfits get even wear, the entire wardrobe lasts longer.
  6. Buy classics - Instead of having a trend-focused wardrobe, it's good to have a good ratio of classic silhouettes and prints. While we love to splurge on a fun trend once in a while, investing in classic, good quality clothing will help create a wardrobe that lasts.
  7. Clothes storage- Store clothes to give each item its space. While some clothes can be stacked and kept like shirts, some fancy clothes need to be hung. Keep embellished clothes away so they don’t get into the fibers of other clothes. Get garment bags for some special items like a baby suit! Aww :D
  8. Sort out the laundry - How we wash our clothes can play a huge role in how long they last. Wash your baby’s clothes in cold water, use less detergent, and try to air dry them rather than using a dryer. Always ensure you separate darks and lights.

Buying baby clothes can be an expensive affair. While we want our children to have the world, following these tips can ensure we buy quality products that last long. 

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