What it means to be GOTS certified.

What it means to be GOTS certified.

As parents, we are well aware of how parenthood is anything but rosy. It is a journey of voluntarily exchanging our peaceful sleep schedules with dirty diapers and sticky hands. And it does not end there :p

 But no matter how tired and sleep deprived we maybe, we are always happily researching on what is best for our children.  Today, a growing number of people are aware of the impact their daily choices have on the planet. As we move through the world, everything we do has an effect on the environment and the people. Thus, we hear the words "organic," "sustainable," and "ethical" more often than ever!

We want our children to have products which are kind to their bodies and the world at large.

Unfortunately, as organic products rise in demand, it can be so tempting to fall for all kinds of marketing tricks. Products are carelessly labelled as being organic, non allergic , natural and so on. It can be difficult to verify that if something is really organic as companies claim themselves to be. 

 So as parents how can you ensure that the cute baby things we buy for our children are actually good for them?

 With all kinds of products and claims in the market, what should we as parents believe? This is where certifications become so important to give us that stamp of trust and approval.

 The easiest answer is to look out for a GOTS certification. The Global Organic Textile Standard is the world’s highest certification in organic fibres. Thanks to this little green and white circular logo we can finally put our worries at ease.

Read on to understand why a GOTS certification is important and what does it mean.

For something to be labelled as GOTS certified, it has to meet specific criteria. This criteria is very detailed where very step is tracked and documented both from the environmental and social standard.

To get the GOTS “organic” label, a product must:

  1. Contain at least 70% organic fibres
  2. No use of chemicals, bleach or any other toxic substances
  3. Be colored with nontoxic dyes
  4. Adhere to a strict usage of water and energy 
  5. Must have an environmental policy to minimise waste
  6. All cardboard, papers, tags, and other packaging material must be recycled 
  7. Ensure fair treatment to all workers involved throughout the process

 A GOTS certification ensures that you are buying the highest-quality product which is produced in the most ethical manner possible which means:

 Reduced pollution - No harmful toxins and pesticides get into the air, ground and water 

Improved health - You don’t risk exposing yourself or your little ones to harmful chemicals

Working the nature’s way- No meddling with mother nature and no use of GMO crops

Fair treatment to all - Better working conditions and fair wages for farmers and their families

 We are proud to say that all our products at Make Make Organics are made using GOTS certified cotton.  

What we value the most it the transparency and trust that a GOTS symbol brings for our community. The assurance that the products we buy for our children are reliable, organic and kind not only to them but to the Earth at large.

after all “We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves” .